In the face of death all else is meaningless.

Bela Kiss was known as one of the most brutal serial killers of the 20th century. At the beginning of WWI he slaughtered more than 20 young women and his wife. All women were poisened or strangled. Later their drained bodies, conserved in alcohol were found in metal barrels on his property near Budapest. Due to a mistake Bela Kiss was thought to have fallen in action. Now he is on the run. It is rumored that Bela Kiss was seen all over the globe for decades. He was never caught and his whereabouts are yet unknown.

One Century later:
After a successfull coup, five young bank robbers seek a hideout in a remote hotel in the middle of the woods.

Under false names they first enjoy the anonymity of the hotel, which offers a most welcome shelter for couples to commit adultery.

But with each day the discomfort of the wanted grows: In this mysterious place strange things happen and the tension within the group grows. Especially Julia, who grew up in an orphanage, struggles with herself and her unknown origin. The group falls apart when Julia witnesses a murder and no one believes her. But Julia is convinced of what she had seen. When her boyfriend Felix disappears without a trace, Julia tries to disclose the secret the hotel bares.

Far away from civilization the deathtrap snaps as the events come thick and fast, building a link to the past. The supposedly safe place develops into a deadly nightmare – a struggle of life and death begins, where a declared dead aims for higher goals, which take Julia to another world. A world where life and death are inseparably connected.

She finds the one thing that she had deeply desired in the most brutal place she has ever seen. At the end of the day she has to ask herself the question, how much is she willing to sacrifice for love.

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