Picture of Kristina Klebe

Kristina Klebe // “Julia”

Filmography (selection)

Year Movie
2011 Chillerama // Directed by: Adam Green
2010 CSI: Miami // Directed by: Rob Zombie
2009 Apocalypse of the Living Dead // Directed by: Milan Konjevic
2007 Halloween // Directed by: Rob Zombie
Picture of Rudolf Martin

Rudolf Martin // “Bela Kiss”

Filmography (selection)

Year Movie
2011 Borgia // Directed by: Oliver Hirschbiegel
2008 Dexter // Directed by: Various directors
2001 Passwort: Swordfish // Directed by: Dominic Sena
2000 Teuflisch // Directed by: Harold Ramis
Picture of Fabian Stumm

Fabian Stumm // “Nikolai”

Filmography (selection)

Year Movie
2012 Lore // Directed by: Cate Shortland
2012 56 (KF) // Directed by: Lars Löllmann
2011 Vater // Directed by: Mia Maariel Meyer
2010 Neon Aura (KF) // Directed by: Sascha Quednau
Picture of Ben Bela Böhm

Ben Bela Böhm // “Felix”

Filmography (selection)

Year Movie
2011 Rosamunde Pilcher: Sonntagskinder // Directed by: Dieter Kehler
2009 Alisa – Folge deinem Herzen // Directed by: Various directors
2009 Illuminati // Directed by: Ron Howard
2005 Sophie – Braut wider Willen // Directed by: Various directors
Picture of Julia Horvath

Julia Horvath // “Frau Jakubec”

Filmography (selection)

Year Movie
2009 Alisa – Folge deinem Herzen // Directed by: Various directors
2007 Until Death // Directed by: Simon Fellows
2004 Bewegte Männer // Directed by: Michael Zens
2003 Kommissar Rex // Directed by: Hajo Gies
Picture of Jörg Koslowsky

Jörg Koslowsky // “Killer”

Filmography (selection)

Year Movie
2011 Lasten (KF) // Directed by: Anabel Castro, Sebastian Weber
2004 Trainerhandbuch // Directed by: Kristof Kannegiesser
2002 Blitz (KF) // Directed by: Ulrich Meczulat
Picture of Peer Martiny

Peer Martiny // “Pester-Haigh”

Filmography (selection)

Year Movie
2008 Ninja Assassin // Directed by: James McTeigue
2008 Männerherzen // Directed by: Simon Verhoeven
2004 Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei // Directed by: Hans Weingartner
Picture of Janina Elkin

Janina Elkin // “Sophie”

Filmography (selection)

Year Movie
2011 Schloß Einstein // Directed by: Various directors
2009 SOKO 5113 // Directed by: Sebastian Sorge
2006 Die Sturmflut // Directed by: Jorgo Papavassiliou
Picture of Angus McGruther

Angus McGruther // “Peter”

Filmography (selection)

Year Movie
2013 Bella Dilemma // Directed by: Oliver Schmitz (ZDF)
2010 Snowblind // Directed by: Kilian Manning
2006 CIA: Crime Investigation Australia // Directed by: Gary Deans


Lucien Förstner

Director, Screenplay and Editor

Sylvia Günthner

Producer and Executive Producer

Steven Weber

Visual Effects Supervisor and Color Correction

Eric Kazak

Editor, Casting and Locationscout

Sven Latzke

Director Of Photography

Alex Püringer


Tim Nowack


Benjamin-Saro Sahihi

Sound Designer and Sound Editor